May 9, 2012

How to create a wanted poster in 5 easy steps

Have you even wondered how to make a funny wanted poster? Or probably motivational poster? Most people think that they need to be able to use a complicated graphic designed software like Photoshop in order to make a funny wanted poster or motivational poster. Well, in this tutorial Freeware Catalogue will show you how to make a funny wanted poster just in 5 clicks. It's easy and it doesn't need any graphic designing skill.

Tools you need:

1. A free software, Poster Forge

2. A photo/ a picture


1. Download and install Poster Forge.

2. Open it and click on 'Wanted'


3. Click 'Open' under the Set Image option

Choose the picture/photo you have prepared before and click Open. On the example, we see Megan Fox photo as the replacement for notorious Fox. If you have satisfied with the result. You just can directly click 'Save' and the process is done. But, I believe you want to edit it to make it funnier.
The fox is replaced with the photo of Megan Fox

4. Edit the texts.

What we should do now, just play with the texts.  

Menu 2 'Set Wanted' : You can replace the text with another word you like. On the example, I didn't change it.  

Menu 3 'Set Criminal': If you click an arrow button next to the column, you will see several options you can choose. I chose to write my own.  

Apparently a typo, it should be written 'For being too sexy'

Menu 4 'Set name': It's funny since I just have to add 'Megan' behind the word' Fox'. Of course, you can use whatever name you want.  

Menu 5 'Set reward': How much reward do you want for the one that his/her photo you use? I decided not to change it.

5. Save the poster.

On menu 6' Keep Poster' click 'Save' and name the poster as you want. It's easy, right?
Megan Fox Wanted poster

Note: Poster Forge is a free version. There is pro version that requires you to purchase it. If you don't want to purchase it, it will leave a small watermark on your wanted poster. The newest version, version 2, leaves a small watermark and only allows us to save the result in small size. I suggest that you use the old version (version 1).

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