May 1, 2012

Recover Office files with CorruptOffice2txt

What is CorruptOffice2txt

Have you ever failed to open a document file? Of course it's very annoying because you need to write the document file from the very beginning, moreover if you need the document immediately. Before you jump to a conclusion that the file can't be opened, it's better you try to save the file first with CorruptOffice2txt.

Corrupt Office2txt enables a corrupted office file can be saved or changed to txt format. Although it will change the file into txt format, this free software will try to maintain the file into its original form.

This software doesn't need installation process. It's on zip file, you only need to extract it and run it. It can save Office files based on Word or Spreadsheet. And not only files from Microsoft, but from open source software such as OpenOffice.

This free software uses several open source applications to optimize text extraction and reconstruct document then combine the process with simpler order to change the text format. There are three methods: Extract I, Extract II and Full Recovery. The first and the second method can be implemented on various Office formats, while Full Recovery can save the file into its original format as long as it is OpenOffice file.


File Size:

10. 57 MB


Free Software


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