June 11, 2012

Optimize your computer for playing game with GameFire

Modern games today such as Battlefield 3, Crysis 2 and also Skytrim need a computer with high system ability and suitable video card. The problem is even if we have high spec computer, sometimes we experience that it is not optimized to play game, so we can't enjoy playing game optimally. And upgrade our computer hardware something is not necessary since we can try to optimize our computer first.

That's why we should try Game Fire to optimize our Windows computer. This free software is meant to optimize your computer system for game, even with HD quality.

So how does Game Fire work? Well, this software for gamers will strip your computer system to the basic by turning off certain functions that we don't need when we are playing game. Here are some actions that Game Fire will do to limit certain Windows' functions: limit support for printer and network printer, limit support for digital cameras and scanners, turn off Windows theme, turn off Windows effects, suspend Windows searching and indexing, etc. So that your computer only has necessary functions and save memory to play game better.


Software info

License : Free software
Size: 9.5 MB
OS: Windows XP//Vista/7


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