June 6, 2012

Windows 8 comes with built-in antivirus

Indeed, Windows is one of the most fragile operating systems, especially toward computer virus attacks. So, the presence of antivirus is something that we absolutely need.

As quoted from ArsTechnica, Microsoft reportedly has equipped its newest operating system, Windows 8 with its built-in antivirus software.

Although Windows 8 has been equipped with its built-in antivirus, Microsoft still prioritizes the usage of third-party antivirus programs such as Norton, McAfee, Avira, Avast or Eset.

The built-in antivirus in Windows 8 will be active if there is no antivirus installed, but if the user installs any antivirus, the built-in antivirus will automatically deactivate itself.

Microsoft itself actually has an antivirus software named Microsoft Security Essential, but this product seems not popular among computer users.

In Windows 7, Microsoft has equipped it with a security software named Windows Defender, but this software only has limited features.

Windows Defender itself is designed by Microsoft to deal with spyware and malware, so it has limited abilities and its functions are only limited as a complementary software.

Windows 8 built-in antivirus will combine the ability of Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essential into one complete antivirus program.

Just as another antivirus apps, this program will need to be updated regularly to update its database.

Some parties doubt about this built-in ability. However, we can't test it yet since it is still on trial phase. Let's wait and see the presence of Windows 8 built-in antivirus.

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