October 14, 2008

Simple Ways to Back Up Your Data

There are several ways to back up your data for free. I will divided it into two simple way :


This way is most easy and cheap way than other. The only one you have to have are DVDRW or CDRW. Yes, burning your data into DVD or CD. It cheap and doesn’t need a lot of time. But, how if we don’t have it ?

2.On line

To resolve problems above, you maybe wanna try this way. On line data back up. But, in this case, if we want to have on line back up for free I like to offering use file hostings like :

Ziddu : With Ziddu, you can upload ( and it other word it can called back up) every type of data for free. Video, Audio, Pictures, Text, Words. You can set it for private or you can invite others to see your data ( share it). And if you share it, for every uniques downloads, you’ll paid. It’s great, isn’t it ? You can back up your data and get paid if any of them downloaded by others. To protect your data for being seen by other, people who visits this web can’t search or see yours if you not invite them or share your link.

Photobucket or Flickr : You can back up your photos in here. But, if you wanna upload and back up videos, you need to up grade your accounts, you must pay. ( For Photobucket). Photobucket or Flickr only for video or audio.

4share : You can upload ( or back up ) and share it for free.

Out side there, maybe still many website that offers free back up service with many opportunity. But those websites aboves are worthy to try.

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