February 5, 2009

K Lite Mega Codec Pack : Windows Media Player's alternative


K -Lite Mega Codec Pack is a pack of software that contains mega codecs for your computer. K -Lite now contain at least 230 codecs. With Media Player Classic integrated on this software. This software is a suitable substitute for Windows Media Player. Especially for you who don’t have Internet Connection, so when you play a video file and the codec is not found on Windows Media Player, you don’t have to download it from internet. In other words, K- Lite have more codecs than Windows Media Player have.

Besides that, K- Lite with its  mega codecs packs have some features that I never found in other free software( at list until now). Some features like "Normalize Audio" and "Regain Volume" on Media Player Classic can restore or enhanced audio quality on audios or videos that you have. And it automatically enhances quality of frames on videos that you have. I’ve compared played audio or video on those players and I realize that Media Player Classic better than Windows Media Player.

And not only that, all codecs that are installed from K Lite can be played on other player like Windows Media Player.

Besides Media Player Classic, some software embedded on this software, some of them are :

 GSpot Codec Information: With this software, you can find out type of audio/video files and whether you have suitable player to play those files.

Codec Tweak Tool: It is a utility to find out list of codecs that are installed on your computer, to configure it setting, and to detect and repair broken codecs.

Software info

Name : K Lite Codec Pack/ K Lite Mega Codec Pack ( depending on codec and features that you choose)


Size : About 23 MB
License : Free Software


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