July 23, 2009

MyLockbox 1.2

Encryption Software to hide and protect your folder with password.

Type : Free Software Full Version
Size : 1,26 MB
Download : Via Ziddu / Official Web
My Lockbox is a free encryption software to hide and protect your folders or files with password. Every file and folder that has been protecting will be hidden by My Lockbox. So, there are almost no way ordinary people can get access to your files because the files can’t reached or indexed by the Operating System. When you install this software , it will ask you to set up your password and the folders that you want to lock. And after that, you have to restart your computer. 

The folders that you lock will be hidden, and every time you want to open the folders, you have to running this free software. MyLockbox 1.2 will ask you the password (with the hints) after you pass this step, you can configure the setting. The setting includes change the folder that you want to lock and change the password. And it looks like that this software just for one user.

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