October 14, 2009

4 Extensions to Speed Up Firefox on Slow Connections

Firefox is one of our favorite browser. Honestly, it my favorite browser. Although it not colorful like Opera or glamour like Internet Explorer, I don’t know why but I usually use it as my default browser. One strength of Firefox is we can add extension while the others can’t.
I find out useful extensions to speed up your Firefox on slow Internet connections. Here the Extensions :

1. Adblock Plus 1.2
It a common extension that I used to see when I’m using Internet Cafe. It allows you to manage and prevent ads that appear on your browser when ever you load any sites. Personally, I think ads are something important for some blogs or sites, because those support their services to us, the readers. But, sometime the ads going wild and start to disturb our comfortable. Use this extensions to manage those ads, which you allow and which not.
Download here
2. Fasterfox Lite 3.1.1
It an extension to help perfomance and network tweaks for Firefox without the prefetching.
Download Here
3. Flashblock 1.5
It allows you to block flash that running in any website. Because not all flash that shown on website necessary for you.
Download Here
4. ImgLike Opera 0.6.17
Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Firefox 3.5. But it can work in other versions.
Download Here.
All extensions above have size about 60 to 400 KB. So, it won't take a minute to download these files.
How To Install These extensions
It's simples.
First, Run your Firefox.
Second, Open Tools- Add-Ons.
Third, Choose Extension than drag these extensions on the add ons. There should be option to install the extensions. Then click "Install".
Fourth, Click restart to apply the extension menu after you install it.
Now it's done. Easy, right ?

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Neo said...

My first visit to your blog and in love with it.
Thanks for this excellent post as I was looking for something like this.


Ranu said...

thanks for your comment,Neo. I hope you'll back soon..and I glad this article help you...

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