November 9, 2009

3 Simple Tips To Buy Cheap Laptops

Laptop prices now are becoming cheaper. With budget about $ 500, you can bring home the laptop with average features. Laptop no longer becomes luxurious thing anymore. Especially for them who have high mobilities. It more like mobile phone, laptop becomes a thing that we have to have.

I think producers are aware about this fact and they compete one another to release cheaper laptops with various features. But this condition, apparently make some of us confuse. Here, several simple tips about how to buy cheap laptops:

1. First, determine your laptop's candidate usage. The main question is what type of laptop that do you need and for what for? After answer that question, it will be better if you make a list about laptop specifications, which you will need.

For instance, if you will be using the laptop only to get Internet connection wherever or whenever you need, you don't need high performance laptop. In fact, you might considering to buy a netbook than a laptop. Or if you want a laptop for playing games, you need high performance VGA Card, memory and processor.

2. Second, if you often have mobile activities, it will better if you buy smaller laptop with ergonomics style. It will make you look more stylish and it will not be bothering your activities.

Another things that you should notice are battery's endurance, light weight with small screen features, and does the laptop suitable for you. Don't forget about connectivity features like Bluetooth,Wi-Fi, infra red and modem that you need to support your mobility.

3. Last, but not the least, pay attention about post-sell service and warranty, choose those services that reachable for your financial. Don't forget about the availability about service center (if there are troubleshooting), spare parts, to the laptop value when you decide to resell it.

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