May 27, 2010

The Best 5 Free Video and Audio Converter Software

I was furious when I was  looking on Search Engines, used " free software to convert VOB to MPG" keyword or another similar converters. What I found was a list of websites that they look like try to bait me. The software that they are offering not free but paid software. And the term "free" means that those software just can be downloaded. And I think that what they trick me. But luckily, I already have some free audio and video converters. They are free, small and powerful. I usually use them to convert one type of video/audio file into another. So, who says that best software always paid and have big sizes.

1. Pazera FLV to AVI

Size : 4,83 MB
Software’s Type : Free Software Full Version
Download :  Via
Although its name is Pazera FLV to AVI, but this software not only convert FLV into AVI, you can also convert it into several types like MPG, WMV etc. I also consider this converter software as almost never fails when it converts the FLV into another types. So, I think it won’t let you down and worthy to have.

2. Pazera 3GP to AVI

Size : 2,92 MB
Type : Free Software Full Version
Download :  Via 

This software indeed one big family with Pazera FLV to AVI, and yet like its sibling, Pazera 3GP to AVI not only convert 3GP into AVI, you can also convert it into several types of video/audio like MP3, MPG, WMV, WMA and of course AVI. It almost never fails when this software doing its jobs. So, I consider it as worthy to have.

3. Free Zune Video Converter


Size : 2, 76 MB
Type : Free Software Full Version
Download : Via 

Again, Free Zune Video Converter is the sibling of the two video and audio converters above. This software’s utilities are to convert almost all supported video files like AVI (both DivX or Xvid), VCD (dat), DVD (VOB), PSP, iPod, iPhone, MPG (mpeg, mpg, mpe), WMV (wmv, asf), Quick Time (mov) and MKV into the standard video and audio types on Windows (2000 and XP) like MP4, MV4, WMV, M4A, WMV , MP3, AAC, MOV etc.

4. MediaCoder

Size : 18,9 MB
Type : Free Software Full Version
Download : Via Official Website

MediaCoder more complex than three software above. It almost supported all popular video or audio formats today, and the output ranges into variety popular video or audio format as well. But it is heavy and the successful converting process depend on the codecs that are installed on your computer. I have tried to convert some videos to several video’s formats like AVI (DivX or XviD) or MPEG and it failed. MediaCoder also failed when I used it to convert 3GP or FLV into another formats. But, it could be work on your computer since our computer have different preferences.

5. Free Youtube into MP3 Converter 2.3

Size : 4, 70 MB
Type : Free Software Full Version
Download : Via 

Like its name, Free Youtube into MP3 Converter 2.3 will convert Youtube video (both FLV or MP4) into MP3. So, whenever you find cool songs but bad videos, just convert those videos into MP3 with this free software.

OK, I think its enough for this time. I’ll update this articles if I find another free, small and powerful video and audio converters software. Or, maybe you have another suggestions for me and others readers, leave your comment.

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