June 30, 2010

Get Youtube Video : How To Resume The Broken Download

In this article, I want to explain shortly to you about how to resume a broken download video file when you try to save video from Youtube, MySpace, Metacafe or other video sites. In this context, you tried to capture the video with Download Manager (like Orbit Downloader, Free Download Manager, etc).

As we already know, Download Manager is a software that will increase our download speed. Popular download manager software like Internet Download Manager claims that it capable to increase the speed of download up to 5 times. Another superioty is the capability to resume the download process that we can't do it with our browser's download manager.
But even we are using the software, sometime we experience that we couldn't continued our download process or the process just stopped and the software couldn't grab the file. So, what we should do ? Especially when the download process achieved more than 50 % and it will take to long to restart the process.
This short tips should be able to implemented on various download managers but I can't guarantee that it will work 100 % in all situations. I have tried it and sometimes it worked and sometimes didn't.

1. Let's say that we are trying to download Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Trailer on Youtube.

The Trailer of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows opens and we try to download it with IDM

The "new download" box appears and we ready to download it
And now the download process already starting

2.But the bad thing happens, the download manager can't continue the process even when you click "Resume the download" button.
Oops, the bad thing happens. We can grab the video.

So, what we should do now ? Here the tips :
1. Re-open the address link manually (in another word, re-open the Youtube page). Then just download it like the first time. When the download process begin, you should see the download URL. Copy it. (You may cancel the new download process, if not why would you resume the download process of your broken file ?)
Copy the url from the "download" box

2. Open the download manager and located the broken file/Youtube's video that you are trying to download. Click right and choose "Properties"
Click right then choose "Properties"

3.Paste the new URL on the "Address" column. And click "OK" then try to download the broken file/video. The download process should be starts again.

Now, change the address with the new URL which you just copy it

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