July 6, 2010

3 Great Web Sites To Download Free Software

Many websites today distribute free software to downloads. Some are great, some are spammers. I think not only me, who frustrated when looking for some free software and ended up with scams websites, guarantee that they have the software, but turn out it just another scams.

The question is: where we find and download free software without worrying about scams? I want to answer that Freeware Catalogue would be one, but it self-promoted and people will doubt me. My criteria are these websites famous, have many software with various license (it means you could find freeware, shareware, paid software, and, etc), have security features which regularly monitoring whether the software contain dangerous viruses, malware and, etc. And of course, provide fair reviews for their readers.
So, here three trusted websites which contain hundred or more software with various license:
1. Download.CNet.com

Download.CNet.com is a popular website contains hundreds and more software which range from various licenses. It has simple and interesting interface. Good navigation allows you to find the software you want. As I mention above, you could not only find free software, but another licenses such as shareware, paid software and even demo or free to try software.
The best thing is Download.CNet.com always honest with the license matter. Not like another websites which told you that software "A" is free, but it revealed the software not truly free. When the others said free, it might be free to but, download, but not free to be used.
You can find the software from the rating both users rating and editor rating, popularity, license and the OS (Operating Systems), etc. Almost all software are monitored so those free from dangerous threats.
2. Softpedia.com

Its name refers to encyclopedia. I think its philosophy is a website that provides many information about various software from various license and various OS (Operating Systems). Softpedia has different interface withDownload.CNet.com. If Download.CNet.com has a white background, Softpedia has several different backgrounds depend on what page you are loaded. From example, the background is blue when you are entering the Windows section (software based on Windows’ operating systems).
It provides reviews, download links, and monitoring their software regularly to check if there are any malicious threats. So, we can download those software securely.

I have been little bit aware of this site, though it has plenty software to share with us. Why? Because I’ve been caught it baited me with keywords which not-related with it. It seems that they installed some scripts to bait people. But, it just my thought and my experienced. Outside that, it’s really has plenty software with various license to share with us.
It has simple interface that helps me to find several helpful free software. I think it’s emphasize the unique and helpful software which sometime skipped away from our attentions.
Are there other helpful websites where we find free software? Please leave your comment if you know one, but don’t try to spam me.
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