July 21, 2010

Protect your blog from plagiarism with Tynt

How many times you found someone duplicated your posts without gave any links back to your blog or asked permissions? How do you feel about that? Personally, I've found several blogs are duplicating one of my blogs contents without give any link back or ask permission, and it's hurt.

Actually I don't mind when some people duplicate my contents as long as they give credit and link back to my blog.  If there are many people do that, I get many back links. But, the reality is that some people are too coward to admit that their post aren't their own creations.

I believe that there are many ways, tips and tricks or techniques  to prevent plagiarism and many plagiarism checker tools  as well. But, I think that you want to try this free service, Tynt. Tynt is a free service that provide us, bloggers, a script to installed on our blogs.

So, when people copy the text (whether partial or whole part) on our blogs, paste those on their blog, email or even text editor, word processor program, HTML editor. And then send it or post it. It will automatically insert information about the source links which are our blogs. See the video that explains how the script works.

What the benefit for us ? It indirectly will increase our traffic up to 40 % (assumption from the result of the script), and improve search rank  So with this free script, we can gain benefits of being copied off our blogs, something that we are not experienced it before.

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