July 2, 2010

Surf Anonymously With Hide My Ass!

What should we do if our favorite web sites like Youtube, MySpace, Facebook are blocked whether in our countries, school or workplace? One of the answers might be is that we should use web proxy service to unblock those sites. Web proxy service lets us to surf anonymously since it will hide our I.P address (our online "fingerprint").

Hide My Ass!

That will make us invisible. Of course, not all people using web proxy to access prohibited sites, but also for some security reasons. Some countries prohibit their citizens from doing several activities online like criticize government via blogging or spread the true internal information about what happen in certain area.

One of free web proxy is Hide My Ass!. I have tried it several times to access one web that is blocked by its own security settings so some ISPs ( Internet Service Provider) in my countries couldn't  access it. Of course, when we are using this free anonymous web surfing proxy service, the web sites which we are accessed come with several limitations. I mean, it could look different from when we access it without proxy. But, I think it's the best thing we could get if we are using free service.

You might be want to try it to unblock MySpace or Youtube and Facebook at your school or workplace. If you're not satisfy with the result, you could upgrade the service with paid web proxy service that is also provided by Hide My Ass! Besides free web proxy, it provides anonymous search, anonymous email service, I.P Port proxies, VPN Pro and etc.

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