September 4, 2010

26 % Mobile Workers Love iPad

According to the newest survey from iPass, more than 25 % mobile workers have a plan to buy or receive Apple iPad at list on next six months. The result released on Thursday, 08/24/10. The report explains that the survey held in July 2010 which involved more than 1,100 mobile enterprise workers from North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.
The mobile workers defined by the iPass as all workers who are using mobile gadgets such as laptop, netbook, smartphone, mobile phone or tablet PC to access network for their works outside the corporation's LAN and WLAN. From the survey which published by the Apple Insider, about 9.3 % from the respondents already have iPad. While 6,8 % have tablet PC, and 1,7 % have both of them.
What interesting is that 26,3 % from all respondents have a plan to whether buy or receive iPad on the next six months. While only 6,9 % who have a plan to buy tablet PC. While when there is question about how they would use the iPad or tablet PC, the respondents answer that they will use it for their business activities.

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