March 1, 2011

Free Amazon Kindles in November 2011, anyone?

Will Amazon sell Amazon Kindle for free?

CALIFORNIA - For the last two years, the price of popular e-reader device, Kindle keeps decline. Some observers predicted that Amazon may will sell Kindle for free on the end of this year.

It was expressed by Wired magazine co-founder, Kevin Kelly, on his website, Technium. On one of his articles, Kelly included a graphic that dramatically illustrated the decline of Kindle 's prices since 2009. In February 2009, Kindle was sold for US $ 350. But, now Kindle Wi-Fi version can be bought for US $ 139. Kelly explained that the other observers also realize the Kindle 's price declining. Blogger John Walkenbach predicts that the e-reader device will be sold for free this November.

As quoted from PC World, Tuesday (3/1/2011). Is it possible that Amazon applies this extreme strategy? Jay Yarow from Business Insider doesn't think so. But, according to him, Amazon may give interesting package to its main customers, which now pay US $ 79 per year for Netflix video streaming services on their Kindles. "I don't know whether this is what Amazon will do, but it supposes to be happened like that. It will reach Bezos' long-term strategy to satisfy customers. What is more satisfy than free Kindle , free movies and two days free shipment cost, with only have to pay for US $ 80 per year?" Yarow asks.

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