May 6, 2011

Transfer photo albums easier from iPhone, iPod and iPad with PicsAid

What is PicsAid

Several people confuse to use  iTunes. Moreover, if they want to transfer contents from and to Apple devices. Well, if you want to transfer pictures or photos from iPod, iPad, or iPhone, you can use PicsAid. PicsAid will ease the process to transfer photo album and sync them with iTunes.

This software is made for cross-platform, it means you can use it via your PC desktop or Mac OS. Of course, you need to install different version for different operating system.

It has a simple interface so you could easily use it for the first time. Transfer photo album or pictures is a breeze with PicsAid. What you need to do just press Copy To Folder, which is available at the top.

Before you run this software, you should connect a device into a PC with its USB cable. After that, PicsAid will detect automatically all pictures.


License :

Trial with several features limitation (sold for US $ 19.90)


2. 76 MB


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