April 14, 2012

Best Deal of The Week : Get 51.96 % Discount for Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 (For 3 Users)

I recently dug information on Amazon and I found this best deal. Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 initially sold for US $ 79.95, but it gets discounted 51.96 %.  So, you only have to pay for US $ 27.99. This version has licenses for 3 users. Last time I checked, it only left 10 items in stock. So, you better get hurry.  Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 has many superiority.

For various features, there are several superiority, which I think will interest you. For instance, the advanced parental control. New features keep your kids safe and responsible. Monitor, block and/or limit communications via email, IM and social networks. Block access to applications, games and websites. Even block the transfer of private data such as phone and credit card numbers. It also has a special feature, which is installation on severely infected PCs. If your PC is so severely infected that no software can be installed on it, Kaspersky will prompt you to download a proprietary tool to scan and eliminate all threats on your machine. You can then quickly and easily proceed with the product's installation to ensure you're never crippled by malware again.
kaspersky internet security 2011-1

Here several reviews for users who already have purchased this Internet Security: Luke: Great Value "I searched around and found this $60 software for $20 at Amazon. I had a virus and Kaspersky offered a free rescue disc, so I wanted to support them by buying the full version..." Shopaholic: Great Value and Price "Kaspersky is one of the best virus protection software out there.

I have Webroot on my laptop and Kaspersky on my desktop. I recently encountered a virus on my laptop, even with Webroot. Well I had just gotten my Kaspersky; it allowed me to fix the problem even though my cd/dvd drive wouldn't boot up!!! What a product!!! My Webroot couldn't even isolate the problem but Kaspersky did and all without me having to take it to a computer specialist to get it fixed!!!! What's even more impressive was the Amazon price!! Best Buy had the same product for $79.00. Love the product and price. I couldn't be happier." You can see the further information, here.

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