January 3, 2012

Audacity, free audio recording and editing software

What is Audacity

Audacity is cross-platform audio editing software for Windows, Linux and Mac OS that is useful to cut, fix and add various effects so the audio outputs can be as the users want. So, with Audacity you can use it like if you are professional audio editor, but with simple, easy and fast ways.

Using Audacity, you can fix voice quality of the recording. For example, you can reduce noise on background, so the main voice can be heard clearly. You can also take audio sources from microphone, CD player, radio cassette, audio streaming even iTunes. While the audio outputs can be converted to MP3, audio CD, podcast, ringtone or iPod. You can even edit your audio recording directly before you save it to another formats.

You can add several add-ons that will turn Audacity to advanced audio editing software. For example, you can install add-on named Vocal Removal if you want to remove vocal sound on a song and make it a karaoke song. You can choose various add-ons related with Audacity status as open source that can be changed freely. Even, on the newest version, this feature is available. So, we don’t have to install additional add-on. What we need only several tricks.




Free software
2. 17 MB
Operating systems:
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7


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