May 11, 2012

Get free EMR/EHR Medical Records System: Medilig


Medilig, or Medical Life Guard, is a free electronic medical records software. It gives health care provider, easy ways to record patients medical records. Medilig works with open-source databases and helps health care providers to avoid unneccessary and great costs only to use some closed health information systems.
The main feature of the project is the extensive continuous health care record schema of the database built into popular and robust relational database management systems, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL server, with multilingual, international health coding standards. Create entry forms, catalogues, and reports with a minimal effort from rapid application development environments such as Microsoft Office“ Access and OpenOffice  Base. Connect to web hosting services and/or use email to exchange and share medical information with others.




Clinical Features

  • Supports the management of patient's administrative and clinical data including:
-medical transcription
-multimedia documents
  • Fully tested and operational on the neurosurgery domain with a lot of data
  • Success story “ Pilot study : A Neurosurgical Health Information System for Integration of Clinical Research and Clinical Care

Technical Features

  • It can be tailored quickly to cover precisely the needs of any medical specialty or physician
  • It can be linked easily to other databases
  • An extensive database schema for continuous health care that follow standard clinical practice terms with an easy nomenclature for developers
  • Complete separation of the database schema from the presentation layer, independent development of the database layer
  • Visualization of MEDILIG schema as an ontology in Protege or as a graph in DBVisualizer
  • Multilingual look-up tables with international health care coding standards (ICD10, OPCS44, NHS, LOINC, SNOMED) for the encoding of information
  • Microsoft Technology platform version based on popular SQL Server and Access products
  • Linux open software platform version based on MySQL Server and OpenOffice Base products
  • Truly rapid application development thanks to the powerful integrated environment of SQL Server – Access and/or MySQL – OpenOffice
  • No coding for creation of catalogues, reports, entry forms and navigation through them
  • Secure and easy database administration with Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL server


  • MEDILIG is open software therefore it has all the advantages of open software such as non-exclusive support from a community of technical users and developers. HEALIS is coordinating
  • MEDILIG support, development and dissemination of information to the users
  • MEDILIG is distributed freely without any charge
  • MEDILIG is a collaborative software tool and it can be part of a collaborative software platform for health professionals
  • MEDILIG is ideal for research and education thanks to the open database architecture
  • MEDILIG maintenance is a relatively easy task and can be automated for the non-expert, non-technical user


Free Software


118.9 MB


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