June 7, 2012

Stop fake antivirus with McAfee Fake Alert Stinger

What is McAfee Fake Alert Stinger

Have you ever received a sudden pop up message while you're online that your computer is infected by viruses? While your antivirus doesn't give you any warning. Be careful, it could come from one of Fake AV (Fake antivirus) variants' messages.

If apparently you already get trapped by any fake antivirus, you can be sure that your computer is infected by malware. Fortunately, there is McAfee Fake Alert Stinger (MFAS). Besides it deals with malware, this portable antivirus can prevent you to get access to websites that are vulnerable toward online threats.

MFAS uses scanning mode named Super Scan to detect and recover system. Super Scan works by stopping attack process that usually stops our installed antivirus. McAfee Fake Alert Stinger also fixes files and computer registry that have been infected by Fake AV to prevent further damages on your computer system.

You can check its list if you want to know how many viruses it can handle by clicking List Viruses button. Until now, Stinger can handle 4166 viruses.


Software info

License : Free software
Size: 8.96 MB
OS: Windows XP/2003/08/Vista/7


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