October 2, 2009

Check The Video or Audio Codec with GSpot Codec Information

There are a lot of codecs out there. And sometimes you’ll find that you files don’t have right extensions. I mean, the video extension should be AVI but someone changed it to MPG. Or you have find some strange videos or audios that can’t be played with your media player and you don’t know what their codecs and which media player you should have  to play it.

You can try GSpot Codec Information. It is a free software to detect the file’s codec and find out whether the media player that you need has been installed in your computer. Besides that, it will detect all codecs on your computer.

To use it, it’s simple. Drag your video or audio file into "Path" And it will automatically informs you about the codec. Or click "Path" and find out the file that you want to check then click "Open". And if the right codec installed on your computer. Click "File" than you can click "Play (using associated player) " to play the file.

If the player is  not installed on your computer, it’s time for you to find the right player on the Internet. At least, you have known the codec you need.

Download GSpot Codec Information on here or if you have download K- Lite Mega Codec Pack or K- Lite Full Codec Pack, click "Start" on your computer, than click "All Program"- "K Lite Codec Pack"-"Tools"-"GSpot Codec Information"

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