December 30, 2009

D900F Panther, The Notebook Monster

Eurocom, the first producer that created product with Intel Core i7 desktop version on the notebook, present again unique notebook. Eurocom released D900F Panther model which is notebook that designed to replace the desktop computer.
D900F Panther notebook comes with the extra large hard disk which the capacity up to 2, 5 terabytes. With the hard disk capacity, D900F Panther can store anything freely. " This product is the notebook with server class or workstation with integrated UPS in the notebook with 5,5 kilogram weight. This product is the notebook with high performances which can replaces workstation based on desktop computer, " President Eurocom, Mark Bialic said.
As the option, D900F Panther can embedded with Core i7 or Xeon, the memory up to 12 GB, GeForce VGA GTX260M or 280M, dan optical drive between DVD Writer or Blu-ray. D900F also completed with webcam 2 or 3 megapixel, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 12 cell battery. As the Operating System (OS), the users can choose among Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003 or Server 2008.

2 komentar:

Neo said...

Well I'm going to but a Compaq Presario notebook very soon.
Anyway thanks for this nice info.


Ranu said...

Thanks for your comment Neo, you are such a good reader. I notice that you have left comments several time. Thanks for your attention.

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