December 14, 2009

Gamelof Chooses iPhone than Android Mobile Phones

Designer and publisher of mobile games Gameloft have decided to reduce the game development for mobile phone which the system based on Android. Instead, they more choose to escalating the games development for iPhone. Gameloft’s Finance Director, Alexandre de Rochefort says their reason to reduce the investment on the Android’s platform.
"The reason is, online application shop for Android’s platform sloppy, not likes iPhone’s online shop. It’s cause not supported market condition for the Android’s costumers who want to buy applications for their mobile phones, " Rochefort says, as quoted by MacWorld.
Rochefort doubts the Android’s market. According him, it’s hard for company to get significant profit with that platform. And Google itself as the platform’s creator not yet show the desired result on the promotion for Android’s software. This decision seems sensible enough. For the comparison, the last quarter iPhone’s games succeed on enhancing their profit up to 13 %. While the Android, only made profit about 0.0325 %, 400 times less than iPhone’s games.

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