December 15, 2009

It's time for Christmas Christmas Screensaver Themes

December for some people is the long awaited month, even for they who are not Christians. The Christmas’ meaning becomes broader, not only to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but also a precious moment with our family . People usually prepare themselves to buy Christmas stuff like Christmas tree, gifts and etc. And now you can set up your computer with Christmas themes, while you are waiting for it. What ever Christmas’ mean for you, Freeware Catalogue gives you special gift while we are waiting Christmas come.

1. Christmas Icons & Cursors 

Here some icons and cursors with Christmas themes :

-Christmas Animated Cursors 1.0d ( 492 KB) , Download via
-Christmas Toys Icon Set 1.0 (13,9 KB), Download via
-JolaKitty Christmas 1.0 (355 KB), Download via

2. Screensavers

-Warmth of Christmas (2,8 MB), Download via
-AL Christmas Screensaver 1 (568 KB), Download via

3. Christmas Wallpapers Themes

Various pictures with Christmas themes (6 MB), Download via 

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