December 3, 2009

Nokia presents 5330 Mobile TV

After has concentrated on developing xpres music mobile phone (XM), this time Nokia presents their newest mobile phone TV. Officially, Nokia will release Nokia 5330 Mobile TV soon, its look similar to the previous series which is 5330 XM. The different is, Nokia 5330 Mobile TV comes with DVB-H receiver addition.
DVB-H receiver is the equipment that useful to receive TV’s broadcasting directly to the mobile phone. Besides integrated with DVB-H receiver, Nokia 5330 Mobile TV has similar features specifications with Nokia 5330 Xpress Music. Nokia 5330 Mobile TV has 2.4 inch QVGA screen, 3,2 mega pixel camera with LED flash light; 3G network and GPS ability; 3,5 mm jack audio and a micro SD slot with 2 GB card including in the packet.
Nokia 5330 Mobile TV will release on the first Quartal of 2010 and it price about 155 euro not including tax and subsidy.

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