January 11, 2010

How to Take Care of Digital Camera

Digital camera now becomes ’ must have item ’ which has to bring anytime we are traveling. The camera output (read : it’s picture) be the sign if someone has visited the place where it took and she/he can express at will. But, if you are misuse it, not the great shoot you go but a disaster. The camera can be broken if you can use it properly. So here some tips from the interview with Harisma Digital :

1. For outdoor using

When you take picture on the outdoor, don’t point the camera to the sun light. Because, it can be broken the lens sensor.

2. For indoor using

The same thing happens when there are some events in indoor. Don’t point the camera directly into the light when you take the shoot.

3. For using on the mountain or beach

A set breeze blow softly and the marine transparency turn out to be the factors which can be broken your camera. So, secure it with camera’s kleenex after you’re finish using it. While on the mountain, wrap your camera soon with a cloth so the camera not got stuck because the cold weather.

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