January 29, 2010

Microsoft Security Essentials, quick review

Microsoft’s Antivirus and Anti malware

Microsoft has released their antivirus and anti malware program called Microsoft Security Essentials. I think it's the development from Windows Defender and Windows Malicious Software Removal Tools. When you are installing this program, it will detect or checking whether your Windows is genuine or not.

Then when you pass this step, it will continue the installation process and when it finish, download the update and doing a quick scanning process. So, you’ll need the Internet Connection and the original and legal Windows whether Vista, Windows 7 or XP. The big problem is if it fails download the update or you don’t have the Internet Connection, it won’t scan your computer. In fact, the scanning feature will be disable. So, it’s useless if you install this program when you don’t have any Internet connection.

Microsoft SE has a simple interface with useful help section if you are a novice in the computer viruses and malicious programs world. So, you can protect your computer and learning about what is computer viruses, malware, spyware or adware as well.

Oh ya, don’t forget to uninstall your another antivirus programs. Because Microsoft SE will give you a warning that it could be risk your computer if you have two or three antivirus programs on your computer, due to the conflict among those software. But, personally I found no problem when I was installing this program and keep my other antivirus program. Of course, I was disable the scanner guard features.
So, what do you think ? Have you ever tried this software ? Please let me know your opinions about its performances.


Software info:

File Size : 8,6 MB
License : Free Software


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