October 13, 2010

HJSplit : Free Splitter and Joiner Software

If you ever download file with .001 or .002 extensions and wondering how to open those files. Well, what you need is a splitter and joiner software. People usually split a large file whether it movies or another type of file into several parts if they want to send it via email and or upload this big file to services like Rapidshare.

HJSplit is a remarkably simple and easy-to-use  application, which can split any file you like into parts of a predefined size, so that sharing them or storing them is made easier. It can also join split files back together and compare parts to see if they're the same.

Based in just one small executable (there's no installer for this old school app!), the utility weighs in at a tiny 300kb and doesn't have the world's best design, but it works surprisingly well. HJSplit splits files into chunks of your chosen size, very quickly indeed. Joining files together is just as painless and simple.


Software info:

File Size : 300 KB
License : Free Software
OS : For Windows 7, XP, Vista, 200x, NT, 9x, ME, all current 64 bit editions of Windows and Linux/Wine.


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