January 8, 2011

PQI Cool Drive U368

Flash drive with USB 3.0

Nowadays, USB 3.0 has been becoming a standard interface for external storage media. Many producers have been using it for their newest products. One of them is PQI, which already launched Cool Drive U368 flash drive.

Cool Drive U368's design looks simple, just like the most flash drives. With the dimension 90.1x2x1.1 mm, Cool Drive U 368 is longer than another flash drives. But, this flash disk still comfortable to be kept in our pockets. The material that had been used is metal with a metallic blue color.
From its performance, Cool Drive U368 is considered good. When it was tested to copy files, it was successfully record 17.44 seconds to read and 48.15 seconds to write. Meanwhile, in the random files copy test, this product record 20.90 seconds to read and one minute to write. The result that was achieved by this flash drive was far beyond another flash drives with USB 2.0 interface. In the sale package, PQI also inserts Turbo Flash USB software.

If Turbo Flash USB is activated, PQI gets result 101.43 MB/s to read speed, and 28.20/s to write speed. The tested was used Atto benchmark software. While when Turbo Flash USB was being turned off, the result was 66.10 MB/s to read speed and 26.22 MB/s to write speed.

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