February 19, 2011

winPenPack-all free software in one package


Collecting various free software and then install them sometimes can make us overwhelmed. But, thanks to WinPenPack, we don't have to do that again. WinPenPack is a portable app that wraps various great free software on one package.

All those free software usually have been changed into portable versions, so you don't have to download and install each of them. More than that, WinPenPack also comes with various versions. One of them is 2 GB version, which is created for our flash disk. So, we just have to download it and then store it on our flash disk. Then, we now have the essential free software package that we need.

If you wonder what the other versions that are provided by WinPenPack, they come from various categories such as essential, game, school, web and personal.



Free Software


Vary, depend on the version (hundreds MB- 2 GB)

Operating Systems:

All OS


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