March 9, 2011

Mixxx 1.8.2, Free DJ Software


There are a lot of mixing software that you can use to mix DJ music. But, if you want to use free software, there are various free DJ software on open source world now. Mixxx is one of DJ open source software that is designed to create DJ music, whether professionally or amateur. With Mixxx, you can directly create music with a fun interface. Mixxx allows you to perform live mixes. Its advanced mixing engine gives you complete control over your live mixes. Hot cues, looping controls, and our high fidelity EQs let you mix and remix with more control. Create your own MP3 DJ mix today!



  • Advanced Mixing Engine

Whether you're blending psy-trance or mashing up the latest Top 40 tracks, Mixxx's looping and hot cue controls give you the power to be more creative with your mixes.

Between BPM estimation and the parallel waveform displays, beatmatching has never been easier. Our new ramping pitchbend buttons allow you to subtley nudge songs back in sync without anyone noticing.

Stretch your music without changing the pitch! Mixxx's pitch-independent time stretch locks the pitch of your music while you're mixing, so you never have any awkward detuned moments. Our alternative vinyl emulation mode changes the pitch you change the tempo, and is perfect for scratching with a MIDI controller or with vinyl control.

  • DJ MIDI Controllers

Use the latest and greatest DJ MIDI controllers with Mixxx! Advanced MIDI controller support is provided by our groundbreaking MIDI scripting engine. Take advantage of your MIDI controller with our JavaScript-like language. Check it out:

Mixxx supports most popular DJ MIDI controllers like the Hercules DJ Console MK2, RMX, and Stanton SCS.3d. In addition to our natively supported controllers, our MIDI learning wizard helps you set up other controllers with Mixxx.

  • Vinyl Control

Using a turntable and timecoded vinyl, Mixxx's playback can be syncronized to the turntable. This let's you scratch and mix with your digital music collection as if it were on vinyl!

Mixxx supports Serato, Traktor Scratch, and FinalScratch vinyl, as well as Serato CD for control from CDJ units. Position synchronization ("Absolute Mode") is fully supported for each of these timecodes as well.

Even better, you can save money and use your existing soundcard. Mixxx's vinyl control works with any soundcard that has a stereo line-input jack. This means most consumer and professional soundcards can be used for vinyl control with Mixxx, so there's no need to purchase expensive vinyl control hardware.

  • Flexibility and Freedom

We love to customize and tinker, and so we've made Mixxx as flexible as we can. From our cross-platform approach, to Mixxx's skinnable interface and customizable EQ shelves, we've tried to give power users more options. Did we mention our crossfader curve control let's you adjust for mixing, scratching, or anywhere in between?


Free Software

Operating Systems:

Windows (32-bit and 64-bit)
Linux and Mac


12.20 MB (for Windows)


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