May 17, 2012

Five giveaway iPhone, iPod and iPad games

While this article is writing, iTunes share free five game for iPhones, iPod touch and iPad. But, these five games are only free for 1-2 days. So, you need to be hurry to grab them before the offer is closed. Here, the games that are offered for free:

1. Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

A game that is taken from a famous TV game show. I believe that most of you have watched this educative and entertaining game show. Playing this game, you have to compete with six of your Facebook friends. All of you need to answer thousand questions that are thrown by 5th grader students.

Download this game for iPhone here.

2. Slot Racing HD

Be ready to race on the circuit with high speed cars. Slot Racing HD is a game racing with detail visual graphic. This application is offered free for two days and is only available for iPad. So, hurry up and play this game to your iPad.

Download this game here.

3. Ice Rage

Playing this game, you will have to compete with famous animation figures such Lightning Fast Santa, Rudolph the Red Wall, Enviro Bear, many more.

Download Ice rage here.

4. 100 Floors

100 Floors is a puzzle game. There are many floors that you need to enter. It could be that you need to go through from 1st floor into 100th floor. On each floor, there is a mini puzzle that you need to solve to get to the next level. Are you ready to reach the highest level?

Download 100 Floors here.

5. Motoheroz

If Slot Racing HD is racing game on circuit, MotoHeroz is fantasy racing game where you will race off road. So, if you want wild race, MotoHeroz is a right game for you.

Download Motoheroz here.

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