May 27, 2012

Giveaway: Download 5 Free iPhone, iPad and iPod apps in limited time

After we previously shared 10 iPhone, iPad and iPod apps as giveaways. Today, we share another five apps as giveaways. These apps are share for free in limited time. Maybe after that, some of these five apps will be sold. So, you need to be hurry up and download them on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

1. Spongebob Diner Dash

So, in this game Mr. Krabs is expanding his restaurant, Krabby Patty. And our job is helping Spongebob to arrange the restaurant, serve food to all customers. So, we will play as Spongebob and we will do all tasks: take order, serve foods and collect some tips.

2. Cut the rope

Cut the rope is quite famous game that some people say it can be compared with Angry Birds. Cut the rope is about a little monster, Om Nom, who was discovered by a eccentric scientist. The scientist is curious about Om Nom who likes to eat candy. So, he puts it on various tests to study its hobby to eat candy. We will play as Om Nom and need to collect candy to its mouth as many as we can.

3. Trial Xtreme 2 Winter Edition

This game comes with 30 new levels. And it also offers more realistic graphic like realistic bike engine, movement and controls. The number 1 game in 64 countries challenges your skill to control and balance your bike ramps, jumps, exploding barrels and obstacles and collect stars in these brilliantly challenging new tracks.

4. Mini Motor Racing

Mini Motor Racing enables us to have a race with our friends via WiFi, Bluetooth and also online since it supports multiplayer mode. Playing it will be like playing mini car with remote control except that our remote-controlled mini cars don't come with nitro-boost engine.

5. DeliTape Deluxe Cassette Player

Actually I still have some old tapes and even still see some people sell and buy them. But, probably the cassette tape is something rare in your places. Don't worry, there is a solution if you miss old tape. With this app, you will have some nostalgia by playing music while DeliTape Deluxe Cassette Player shows you screen play just as if it is cassette player. The size, the look and the rotating spools give are really similar with the real cassette player.

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