May 10, 2012

Gmail tutorial: How to enable panel preview on Gmail

By default, when you open inbox page on Gmail, you only can see the list of unread email messages and email messages that you have read. If you want to see an email, you need to click it. The message will be opened, but you can't see the list again.

If you want to back to the inbox and see the list, you need to click 'Inbox' link. Sometimes, it is annoying and unpractical. If you want to make it more practical, you can enable the panel preview. So, you can read any email you want and still see the list of emails on your inbox.

How to enable panel preview on Gmail

1. The fist thing to do is to get access to Settings menu. Click gear icon on the right top corner. Then, click 'Settings'

2. You will be brought to Settings menu. Click tab 'Labs'

3. Scroll down and find 'Preview Pane' option. Click 'Enable'

4. After that, scroll down to the bottom and click 'Save Changes' to enable the change you want.

5. You will be brought to your inbox. Look at the right side, near to the gear button you will see toggle split pane mode button. Click the toggle button.

6. The inbox's window will be split to two parts: the list of email on the left side and a panel preview on the right side. Click one message, and you will get the preview and still can see the list of messages.

Horizontal preview. The list is on the top, the preview on the bottom

There are three options: no split, vertical split and horizontal split. By default, the interface is horizontal split. But, you can choose which option you like.

Vertical preview. The list on the left side, the preview on the right side.

Video Tutorial

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