May 15, 2012

Only IE can run on Windows 8, Firefox upsets

Microsoft limits the presence of third-party browsers on its newest operating system, Windows 8 that runs on devices with ARM processor or called Windows RT. It means only its default browser Internet Explorer (IE) that can be used to surf the Internet on Windows 8.

This decision upsets Mozilla. Mozilla as the developer of the famous browser, Firefox said that this Microsoft's decision will limit users' options, reduce competition and prevent innovations.

'If IE can run on Windows RT, so there is no technical reason to conclude that other browsers cannot do the same thing," General Advisor of Mozilla, Harvey Anderson wrote on his personal blog.

Anderson considered this problem as a very crucial since ARM architecture will be the future processor. That signs have been seen because now mobile devices such as tablet and smartphone mostly use ARM processor.
Anderson considered this limitation has anti-trust implication means Microsoft is considered not protect and encourages competition.

In the end of his writing, Anderson said that Microsoft should respect user's right and refuses to take shortcut.

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