May 8, 2012

Ultra thin laptop is trend in 2012

Laptop that is predicted will be trend in 2012 is laptop with thin form factor and no longer use internal optical drive. Laptop vendors have been ready since the end of 2011 to create these super thin laptops.

Besides that, the vendors also will race to produce environment friendly laptop that is also energy saving or called hybrid.

In 2011, it is recorded several vendors has started super thin laptop marketing. For instance Acer with Aspire S3, Asus with Zenbook, Lenovo with IdeaPd U300S, and Toshiba with Portege Z830.

There two kinds of thin laptops that are predicted will have impressive progression in 2012, ultrabook and MacBook Air as we know Apple always be a trendsetter.

Apple MacBook Air

MacBook Air design that is super thin and light is predicted will be developed and adopted to another Apple's laptops, including MacBook Pro.
MacBook Air

This year, there was a rumor that Apple will make a laptop that has 2,880 x 1,800 pixel resolution.

While for MacBook Air machine, Apple will equip it with Intel Ivy Bridge processor, whether Core i5 or Core i7. MacBook Air will be one step further because it has adopted Intel's Thunderbolt technology, so it enables us to transfer multimedia data faster.

Besides that, MacBook Air is also supported with USB 3.0 technology and will increase its graphic quality by using Nvidia graphic card. There is another possibility, a company that was built by Steve Jobs will use Apple A series chip that is produced by this company.


Most computer vendors will focus on developing ultrabook. Ultrabook is a new subcategory from laptop. Its thickness less than 15 mm, thinner than notebook and netbook. Its weight less than 2 kg. Not like netbook, ultrabook is equipped with powerful hardware.
Acer Aspire UltraBook S3

Most ultrabooks will keep using Windows operating system. If Windows 8 is launched this year, the Microsoft newest operating system will dominate ultrabook. Moreover, Windows users have been familiar with the software.

Most Ultrabooks will be equipped with Intel Ivy Bridge processor, whether Core i5 or Core i7. For laptop processor market, Intel clearly still dominates global market if it is compared with AMD.

Its super thin size and its light weight seem to have been what laptop customers need, so it is easier to be brought everywhere and anywhere. Both MacBook Air and Ultrabook will increase their battery endurance. Its electricity consumption will be also reduces, so it will energy saving and environment friendly.

However, both laptops have the same problem, which is high price. Both of products seem are meant to high-end segment. What it is clear, ultrabook producers need to compete to offer competitive prices. Of course, it won't be a problem for Apple that already has loyal fans.

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