June 14, 2012

Google finally released Chrome for Windows 8

The giant digital company, Google finally has released Chrome browser that is meant for Windows 8 Preview Edition users with Metro mode.

As quoted from technology site, PC Mag, Wednesday, June 13th, 2012 this browser includes support for on-screen keyboard feature that is available on Windows 8 Metro mode.

In its written statement, Google also mentioned that this Chrome release also solve some crash problems in Windows 8 that caused performance degradation.

To try it, Windows 8 Preview edition users have to choose Chrome as their default browser in their devices.

Meanwhile, several days after the launching of this Internet browser, Google confirmed that Chrome still can't be used in one of Windows 8 variants, which is Windows RT. This operating system runs on ARM processor, and like the other Windows 8 variants, it has 'Windows Classic' mode and also Metro mode.

The problem is some browser developers accused Microsoft didn't allow any third-party browsers besides Internet Explorer to operate on Windows RT.

This accusation came for the first time from Mozilla in the early May, and then, it was confirmed by Google. Meanwhile Microsoft hasn't released any confirmation about this controversy.

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