June 22, 2009

Windows Password Recovery Bootdisk 3.0

Windows Password Recovery Bootdisk is a program that allows to retrieve Windows password hashes stored in Windows Security Accounts Manager (SAM), if you have lost your password and cannot logon to your Windows account. The bootable disk (CD or USB flash) is created with a help of Windows Password Recovery Bootdisk Creator and allows to remove password for the specific user or recover password hashes. Using the retrieved hashes, you can instantly recover original users passwords with a help of Windows Password Recovery Service.

General solution to the problem of forgotten Windows passwords include the following steps:

Step 1: Create the bootable disk for the password hashes retrieval using Windows Password Recovery Bootdisk Creator.

Step 2: Boot from your bootable disk on the computer where you have lost the password. Via the bootdisk interface you can reset users passwords, print password hashes on the screen or save them on the disk.

Step 3: Submit the password hashes extracted from your system to the Windows Password Recovery Service to recover original Windows users passwords. Password recovery for Windows Vista is not supported by our service.


Software info:

Size : 6,23 MB

License key : Free Software (you need to purchase the registration code to create password removal)


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