October 29, 2009

iPhone 3GS Production Cost Only 179 US Dollars

Research company iSuppli reported that Apple iPhone 3GS production cost only 179 US Dollar. The retail cost can be more expensive, if it is not subsidized by the operator services. iSuplli, a research company in California, USA counted the production cost of iPhone 3GS only 179 US dollar. This cost came from cost of each components, from the basic component into assembling cost.

According iSuppli, the iPhone 3GS only 5 US dollar more expensive than iPhone 3G (8 GB version). Total production cost of 3GS is 178,96 US dollar, while 3G is 174,33 US dollar. The total production cost is not including other cost like software development, packaging, and shipping.

Flash memory is the most expensive part of iPhone 3GS. It’s 24 dollar. The other including display module (Toshiba) 19,25 dollar, touch screen (Toshiba) 16 dollar, application processor (Samsung) 14, 46 dollar and baseband (Infineon) 13 dollar.

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