August 25, 2010

7 Main Reasons Why Your Computer Freezes

Some people said that computer freezes usually happens in computer which used Windows OS. But, in this article we won't talk about Windows' flaws. We will discuss seven main reasons why a computer freezes and how to solve the issues.

How should we do when our computers  freeze?

According to, there are several main reasons: software related issue, driver related issue,  operating system related issue, heat related issue, hardware issue, serious issue with Windows, hardware failure.

1. Software related issue
We can detect this issue if our computer freeze when we are trying to open the software. Sometime, it can happen when several software running together, and it means that some software has conflict with others. The possible way to resolve this problem is to update the software with the new version.
What when you have updated it with the new one, and it's still causing a computer freezes, you don't have any choice except to uninstall it and find another alternatives.
2. Driver related issue
If there is a problem with the driver, let's say video card driver. The possible scenario that could happen is when we are trying to play some game or play some video in our computer, our computer will be freeze. But, what we could do to make sure that the problem  caused by driver related issue is with check it via Device Manager.
Check the hardware list on the Device Manager, and makes sure that there are no hardware has an exclamation mark or red mark. Then, you have to make sure that you have updated the drivers of all your main devices (video sound, modem, and network).
3. Operating system related issue
When the last time you have updated your operating system? If you did that a long time ago, your computer freezes problem could be happened because operating system related issue. The best thing you could do is to update the operating system.
4. Heat related issue
This happened when your computer is getting too hot. To make sure that your computer is getting too hot, check your computer's fan. Especially if you heard any abnormal voices, such as a high squealing noise.
Just check the computer's fan behind your computer, are they still running? You probably want to open your CPU's chasing to see another fans and check if they're still running.
5. Hardware related issue
If you have added a new hardware recently, and your computer start freezes after that. Your new hardware could be the reason behind the problem. Try to remove it  temporary to see if the new hardware is the problem maker.
If you're not adding any new hardware recently, try to check it via Device Manager to see if there are conflicts between your computer's hardware. Or try to remove several computer's  hardware  which you don't really need, such as any expansion card (modem, network card, sound card, etc). Then,  run your computer, to make sures if your computer still freezes or not.
6. Serious issue with Windows
After trying to check all main reasons, and still has a problem with computer freezes.  The other possible problem is there is a serious issue with your Windows. The simple way to fix this problem  to reinstall your Windows. Don't forget to back up the important files first before you're reinstalling your Windows. Especially the files that your store in local drive.
7. Hardware failure
When you are reinstalling your Windows or after it, and your computer start to turn off abnormally. The possible reason is that your another hardware is failure. It could be your RAM, CPU, mother board, and or power supply.
Try to test your computer for bad memory. There are several software that you can be used as tools to check your computer.

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