April 14, 2012

10 Must Have Software for Gamers (Part II)

After you have read the first part, I think we are ready for the second part. Here, the list of 5 others must have software for gamers. So, if you consider yourself as a good gamer, check it out and make sure that you have these software:
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6. Core Temp

You absolutely should check the CPU temperature whether you have overclocked it or not. Especially when you play games. Core Temp is a right application for you.
License: Free Software
Size: 1.30 MB
 Download Core Temp

7. Fraps

We are a proud human. We love to share our victory moment. That the point of Fraps. Just say that you play Hot Pursuit, and there are moments which amazed us. What will you do after you said "Wow!" Well, capture the moments with Fraps. You can capture them in a form of video or in a form of picture. Although in the free version you can only capture video with 30 seconds of duration. But in the full version, there are no limitations. So what are you waiting for? Play your game, capture some great moments and boast your victory in Facebook or Twitter.
 License: Trial
Size: 2.2 MB
Download Fraps

8. WinDirStat

WinDirStat has a function almost similar with what you get when open My Computer menu. It shows us more detail info about all files that are stored in your hard disks. The information are shown on several forms such as directory lists, treemap, and extension lists. Each file group (pictures, music, applications, systems, etc) is represented by different colors, which if they are clicked, they will automatically show you where the files are stored. So you can do some disk clean up.
License: Free Software
Size: 645. 7 KB
 Download WinDirStat


This application is made by CCleaner developer. Recuva's task is simple: to find lost cluster and corrupted files in your computer. License:
Free Software
Size: 2.3 MB
Download Recuva

10. Raptr

Raptr has a function to integrate chat clients such as AIM, MSN, etc. Also it will be integrated into Steam and GIWL to show what games are played by your friends when both of you are online.
 License: Free
Size:71 KB
Download Raptr

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