May 23, 2012

Giveaway: 10 Free iPhone,iPad and iPod apps

Again, we share 10 applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod. These applications actually are not free. But, iTunes offers them for free in limited time for promotion. Some of these applications are popular ones, so you don't want to miss them. Probably, some of those apps is one that you want to have.

1. Feed Me Oil HD

When soil becomes live, your task is to feed it with oil that come from leak pipes around the soil. It's not something easy to direct the oil to the weird creature's mouth. But, that where the challenge is.

This game becomes iPhone Game of the Week on iTunes also the number 1 paid app in the USA and several other countries. Now, you can get this game for free.

2. Building Titanic 

Have you ever imagined what if you design Titanic? Yes, the luxurious ship made in 1912 and it was the biggest and the most complex ship in that time. In this game, you will be one of Titanic designers. You can design it according to your own calculation and wants. Of course, your design need to be able to sail on the ocean safely.

In this app, there are more than 100 Titanic's designs that rarely found. Curious?

 3. Bills-on your table HD

In our busy life today, sometimes it is something hard not to miss or forget to pay our bills. Of course, the consequences for being late paying our bills are not good. This app is meant as reminder for us about our bills. You can add due date for every bill that you have as well as give information how much you should pay and which bill you haven't paid or have paid.

4. NotifyMe For Ipad

Be able to finish everything in time is something important to reach success. If you often to forget various things that you should do, you need to install NotifyMe on your iPad. NotifyMe will remind you about them. It is a reminder with many features that probably as good as your secretary.

5. Embarrassing Bodies My Healthchecker

Do you often do medical check up? Or do you want just to do color-blind test? Or you probably want to calculate your BMI or how much calorie you consume every day.

This app will help you to check your health by your own. In this app, you will find many self-check tools that you can use to know your health condition. Not only that, you also can handle health problems that you have now.

6. Embarrassing Bodies My SelfChecker

This app is almost similar with the app above, but the self-check tools are for something more personal. For instance, you want to do self-checking to check your skin health, breasts or genital health. Some people probably feel shy to go to a doctor to check their private parts, so they want to do self-check first to reassure if everything is OK.

7. Air Hockey Speed

Like another Air Hockey game, you will need to touch the paddle and swipe toward the puck. In single player mode, you will fight with artificial intelligent. If you play two player mode, your opponent is another human using the same device. Collect more stars, and your paddle will be supercharged and super fast.

8. Bunny vs Racoons


Bunny is having a balloon war with Raccoon. You must help Bunny to save balloon it has, so they won't be erupted. This game is fun, exciting to play.

9. QVoid

If you want a challenge in puzzle game, you can try Qvoid. In this app, you must direct white cube on the board, take and bring colored cube next to it. The color of the cubes must be the same to finish the puzzle. If you succeeded, you can try the next level that will be faster and faster. Try to collect highest points!

10. MusicLoop

If you want to mix various music and make them to one new music, this app will fulfill what you want. You can record several looping track, then you can do mixing to those tracks.

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