May 4, 2012

Manage your money with Personal Finances Free

In this recession today, know where our money goes is something essential. Because like many finance experts have said, track our expending is the first step to get our financial freedom.

Usually, personal finance software are paid software which cost minimum $ 20. But don't worry, I have found free software, which called Personal Finance Free.

Why would you use this software than any other software ?

Here some reason for you :

1. It's totally free, not trial software. So, you don't have to spend any money to use it.

2. Although it called Personal Finance, it actually can used by all your family member. You can create account for your family members and create an icon for each member, so you can track your expending together.

3. It has customized categories. It means that you can create categories like you want since people have different expenses and incomes categories. And you can add an icon for each categories to. And further, you can add explanation for each categories. For example, you create medicine category. And today you buy headache drug, you can add the explanation 'Buy headache drug' under medicine category when you put in your today report.

4. It supports various languages and various currencies. It might be support any languages from A into Z. And it has various currencies too. So, you can set the currency into your country's currency.

5. It automatically calculates your money balance and the percentage of each categories.


File Size : 2,12 MB
Type : Free Version
Download : Via

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