June 6, 2012

Firefox 13 comes with new tab page

Famous browser developer, Mozilla released its newest browser, Firefox 13. In this version, Firefox has some significant changes.

The popular open source web browser brings long-awaited user interface improvement including new tab page.

Since it adopt fast update release ala Google Chrome, many Firefox users complained that they needed to update it frequently without any significants changes that they could see. Now, these users will get what they want with Firefox 13.

Mozilla Labs has been developing new tab design since 2009. This new tab purpose is to display useful and rich features homepage, but without has to sacrifice its performance.

Whenever users open or launch Firefox 13, they will see a homepage (if they set the homepage to default one). In the previous version, the homepage only contained Google's search box, ads under the box and option to restore the previous session.

New home page with 7 new icons

New tab page with frequently visited websites thumbnails

In Firefox 13, new home page will contain shortcuts right under search box. The shortcut icons are Downloads, Bookmark, History, Add-ons, Sync, Settings and Restore Previous Session.

When users open new tab page, Firefox presents grid thumbnail that shows frequently-visited websites, this feature actually is not something new since Chrome, Safari and Opera have been using it.

The frequently-visited websites thumbnails can be deleted, changed or removed as users want just as what we can do in Google Chrome and Safari.

Firefox also does some changes to increase the browser response and adds feature on-demand tab loading. This feature enables users to restore previous browsing session without have to reload all tabs. It only restores active tab.

Firefox 13 is meant for users who long to see some significant changes in this browser's interface and design.

If you want to download it now, click here.

If you wish to download it in your native languages, click here.

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