June 8, 2012

Opera Mini 7 promises more efficient bandwidth

Opera just released the newest Opera Mini, version 7 for cell phone based on Java, smartphone and BlackBerry.

Opera Mini 7 is claimed suitable for cell phone users who want to save their bandwidth usage.

To save the bandwidth, when users are opening a website like Facebook or Twitter, this browser won't display the recent update in real-time. The users will have to click 'reload' to display the updates.

Besides that, another mainstay feature is Smart Page. Smart Page is a shortcut to access favorite web sites that previously opened, including social network sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Opera Mini 7 also supports automatic upgrade and ability to close tab with just one single click like what we can do on touch screen phone. Opera also promises stable performance on Opera Mini 7.

Opera Mini 7 can be downloaded here. This browser also can be used on devices based on Android and iOS.

Even though Opera is less popular as computer browser, but Opera Mini is still a popular mobile browser. It is on the third position. It's all because its ability to compress data, so users can save bandwidth.

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